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Marine scaffold work

For Marine Scaffolding work call Solent we can offer a specialised scaffolding service specifically for boats and yachts in Southampton Dock and MarineĀ 

Call Solent 07540 494507 for secure accessible scaffolding from a quality provider and talk to the experts.

Regardless of the scale of the scaffolding arrangement, our main goals are to fully satisfy our customers ‘ demands while preserving an extremely high safety standard, but we also strive to accomplish the following three main goals to guarantee that we deliver the best accessible scaffolding service: increase profitability and decrease waste Improve ability and ability Continuously pursue & Enhance performance

  • Access towers
  • Heras fencing
  • Rubbish chutes
  • Propping and Shoring systems
  • Safety barriers
  • Scaffolding towers
  • System scaffolding
  • Temporary roofs